Check out our Sauces

Fresh, not Preserved

We prepare our sauces fresh for each service

Try them on our traditional pork sandwiches or our amazing wings

Kickin' Whiskey 

For the Rebel in You

A rich and complex smoky barbecue sauce.  Kentucky Bourbon gives this barbecue sauce a depth of flavor that complements our pork and our wings

Savory and Sassy

Not Your Traditional White Sauce

A blend of creamy, tangy and peppery flavors to create a savory white BBQ sauce with a hint of sassy.

Down And Dirty

Time to Pucker Up

A rich tangy vinegar sauce that draws out the elusive flavors of the meat while delivering a subtle punch

Blazing Mustard

Not for the Faint of Heart

Our amped up Carolina style mustard sauce with a hint of chipotle peppers

Sweet Deception

Sticky Sweet to Avoid the Heat

A rich Molasses BBQ sauce made with Dr. Pepper

Come out and try them