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The Sinful Pig Sandwich Basket

Our juicy, mojo-infused smoked pulled pork topped with crispy fried onion rings and monterey jack cheese.

Served with a side of our amazing seasoned French fries.  No BBQ sauce required, but is always an option.

BBQ Sauces


Traditional BBQ Sandwich Basket

Succulent pulled pork sandwich

Served with a side of our special homemade coleslaw and seasoned French fries.  Add your favorite flavor from our homemade BBQ sauces.

BBQ Sauces



Our succulent pulled pork wrapped in flat bread with cucumber, onion, tomato and crumbled cheese with a traditional tzatziki sauce.

Our tzatziki  sauce is made fresh, with traditional Greek yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and fresh herbs (dill, parsley, mint)


Grilled Cuban

A delicious grilled sandwich like no other

Made with our Seasoned Pork, Ham,

Swiss Cheese, Dill Pickles and Stone Ground Mustard, on Savory Bread


Street Tacos


3 Savory Pork Tacos

Citrus infused Mojo Pork, with Pickled Red Onions,

Queso Fresco, Cilantro

Drizzled with Mexican Crema

Served with a Lime Wedge



Savory wings breaded and seasoned then fried to crispy perfection

 Served naked or try our sauces:



Pork Fries

Make a meal of crispy seasoned fries topped with succulent pork and covered with creamy melted cheese.

For the adventurous, add Jalapenos


Cheesy Fries

A  hefty portion of crispy seasoned fries, covered with creamy melted cheese.

If you are brave you can top with Jalapenos

$5 Just Fries

Crispy seasoned fries

Like no other you have ever had before!


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Specials When Available

Pork Philly

Our Flavorful Pulled Pork with our

Signature Pickled Red Onions and Peppers,

melted Swiss Cheese with Mayonnaise on savory bread

$9Pork Reuben

A pork twist on an American classic with Pulled Pork,

Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, Spicy Sweet Pickles,

homemade Russian dressing on marbled Rye Bread


Pork Popper

A unique creation of Pork Verde, grilled Jalapenos,

Swiss Cheese, crispy Bacon, shredded Cheddar, Cream Cheese

and Sweet Red Pepper sauce, on savory bread


Pork Quesadilla

(when available)

Grilled Flour Tortilla stuffed with Pork Verde, Sweet Peppers and Mexican Cheese

For a little kick, add Jalapenos